i’m want be a nurse. soo really nice my time until now and enjoy it.. making that all impressed wonderful..try to reach my dream and my star.! climb the experience trees and extrim obstacle. with my ability aptitude and talent in my body. life in my live that’s important for me become my body and be my self.. cz i know life as not easy do matematic test.. i want my life full colour and like as melody which give warmth and dear for all……..

only simple girl. and ordinary. nothing speciall. just now shift teeneger girl.. without my parents i can’t grow well like this.. i love my mom,ded and my young brother.. i’m really proud become a yunda wanna profesional nurse,, female university student of Diponegoro 46kg / 160cm. i ever join modelling class member.. i have dream can around the world later. if arrive the time i want to be good mother and good wife.. i wish get religious leader.

‘hopess’ happy ever after,